ZeroNoise Fearless Wired and Wireless Intercom Amplifier

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  • Wired or wireless connectivity
  • Superb communication clarity
  • Bluetooth phone connection

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Revolutionise your rally communication with the ZeroNoise Fearless WW Intercom Amplifier. This innovative product seamlessly integrates wired and wireless technology, ensuring consistent, high-quality communication, both in and around the car. Its dynamic switching capability between wired and wireless modes keeps you connected in all situations.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Wired and Wireless Military Grade Technology: Ensures encrypted, reliable communication with zero delay, this technology provides a seamless transition between modes, resulting in uninterrupted communication
  • Advanced Noise Cancelling: The amplifier’s superior noise cancellation technology filters unwanted background noise leading to crystal-clear communication, essential for precision driving and timely decision-making.
  • Automatic Switching Between Connection Modes: The intercom intelligently selects the most efficient communication method, guaranteeing a stable connection vital for continuous, unbroken communication on stages or road sections.
  • Integrated Digital Touch Screen Display: Displays vital information like battery level and connection status. This real-time feedback allows for immediate adjustments, ensuring optimal performance at all times.
  • Compatibility with Bell Mag 10 Rally Carbon WW and HP10 Rally WW Helmets: Offers high performance wireless connectivity with these helmets. Also, compatible with any helmet or headset with a female Nexus connector, providing versatility and ease of use.
  • Wireless Mode for Driver and Co-Driver Freedom: Allows movement in and around the car without losing connectivity. This flexibility is crucial for instances where a quick exit is required, such as tyre puncture repairs.
  • Charging Capability Through Nexus Connectors: When connected, the amplifier recharges the helmets, ensuring they are always ready for action and eliminating concerns of battery drainage in critical moments.
  • Digital Processing with Customisable Noise Compression and Voice Equalisation: Tailors audio settings for maximum clarity, allowing perfect tuning according to specific stage environments and personal preferences.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity for Team Communication: Enables easy communication with service crews or team management, essential for strategy discussions and keeping the team well-coordinated.
  • Stage Mode for Focused Communication: Blocks external communication, focusing solely on driver and co-driver interaction. This mode is indispensable for maintaining concentration during live stages.
  • Robust Design with Anti-Shock, Anti-Vibration Cover: A durable silicone cover protects the amplifier from shocks and vibrations.
  • Audio Output for In-Car Camera Use: Allows for direct audio recording to in-car cameras, capturing both driver and co-driver’s communications during stages.
  • Audio In/Out Radio Connection: Allows for team communication via external 2 way radios.

The ZeroNoise Fearless WW Intercom Amplifier is your team’s key to mastering communication in the demanding world of rallying. By delivering crystal-clear audio, this system ensures that every critical note and instruction is heard and understood, even in the noisiest of cockpits. Beyond the car, the added advantage of Bluetooth connectivity keeps the team connected, facilitating effortless communication with service crews and management. This feature streamlines the flow of information, ensuring that the team is always in sync, well-informed, and ready to adapt to the dynamic demands of rally racing. The ZeroNoise Fearless amplifier is more than a communication device, it’s an essential component for a team’s competitive strategy.

Elevate your team’s communication performance with the ZeroNoise Fearless WW Intercom Amplifier. This device, combining advanced technology with practical features, is the ideal choice for any rally team looking to gain a competitive edge. Opt for this innovative solution to ensure seamless and clear communication on every stage.

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